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"Dr. Temple Grandin said 'I'm different, not less'. I believe there is an energy that we can tap into by becoming intentional about using the power of our words and our actions to uplift, encourage, support and cheer friends and family with different-abilities. It is through this understanding that we know they need more, deserve more."-Samuel Bellamy Jr. my friend and author.

Special Homes for Special Needs Virtual Event Series

I am a not only a Realtor, but a mom of a son with Autism. I created this educational and informational program with my wonderful colleague and friend Alana Hopkins. Alana is the Business Development Manager at Annie-Mac Mortgage and she is also the parent of a child with Cystic Fibrosis.  When I approached Alana in the end of 2019 about this idea she was eager to help and mentioned that she had never met another realtor who had proposed such a wonderful concept as this. We began planning for the events and then Covid-19 became the largest pandemic in modern history. We put our plans on hold while we all watched and waited. Almost a year later when the world had learned how to use Microsft Teams we decided to begin the program with the hopes that one day we would be able to all meet in person again. Until then we are pushing forward trying to help families like our own. Each event showcases an expert in their field, the first one beginning with me discussing Real Estate services specifically for special needs families. The other events will have topics such as Mortgage loan programs, Hazard Insurance policies (for the home healthcare workers if they are injured while in your home taking care of your family member), Special Education teachers regarding moving to a new home/dealing with change in a new environment, a BCBA (A Board Certified Behavior Analyst) discussing ABA Therapy in a new environment, Mortgage Insurance (not PMI), Counseling for Special Needs individuals, Investments,  as well as legal information including Wills, Trusts, Social Security Disability Benefits, Probate, and Estates all in relation to special needs families. 

Event Schedule

February 18-Loans for Special Circumstances with Ronda Hammang from Annie-Mac Mortgage-Buying a Home for a Special Needs Child-Buying a Home for a Special Needs Child Information Link

March 18-Estate Planning with Michael Sgobbo-The Law Offices of Michael C. Sgobbo LLC

April 15-Home Investing with Summer Reyes-Holliday Ingram LLC-Home Investing with Summer Reyes Video Link

May 20-Hazard Insurance for Home Healthcare Workers with Kristi Kalberer from Absolute Insurance-Absolute Insurance Information Link

June 17-Wills/Trusts with Michael Sgobbo-The Law Offices of Michael C. Sgobbo LLC

July 15-Transitioning to a new home with Grace Lee-Current Oakbrook Middle School Special Education Teacher In Dorchester County, SC and Darshan Sarmento-Retired Special Education teacher In  Stafford County, VA and Spotsylvania County, VA

August 19-Mortgage Insurance vs PMI with Corey Greene-Insurance Agent with Modern Woodmen of America

September 16-New Home Therapy Spaces with Joanna Jones, MS, MSW, LMSW, BCaBA-Behaviors A Go Go

October 21-Probate and Social Security Benefits with Michael Sgobbo-The Law Offices of Michael C. Sgobbo LLC

November 18-Health Insurance with Insurance Agent Eric Baliko-Health Insurance Solutions Team

December 16-Building a Home for Special Needs Families with Debbie Deleon, CNE-Realty One Group Coastal

For more information or if you are interested in participating in any of these events please register below.

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If you would like to suggest a topic or have any questions, please feel free to email me at https://homesbydebb.com/contact-us or call me at (843) 224-7271 


Our Stories

     My son Alex was born in January of 2007 and was diagnosed with Autism a few months before he turned 4. At 6 months old we started to notice         that he stopped hitting milestones and at 9 months his pediatrician feared he had a brain tumor. That was the beginning of our journey of life with         our autistic son. She sent us immediately to Roper St. Francis Hospital to have a CAT scan, which luckily didn't show any abnormalities and then           we were sent to MUSC to see a developmental pediatrician.  He started Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy all right after               turning a year old and ABA Therapy almost 2 years after his diagnosis. The therapies have all done wonders for our lives and his development. I             used to worry that he wouldn't ever speak more than about 50 words, but in April of 2015, when Alex was just 8, I was diagnosed with Breast                   Cancer. While I was going through chemotherapy a few months later, much to my amazement, he began speaking in full sentences! Ever since then       I've thought that if it took me getting cancer for him to talk, then I would do it all over again.Especially if it were to help him to reach another big             milestone. I hope that one day he will be independent, have a job and his own family, just like everyone else wishes for their child. Unfortunately             that is not a guarantee for our family or anyone else's with a child with special needs. Which means I have to do everything I can to prepare for the         day that I am no longer here to care for him. 


Alana's daughter Jes was born in 1989 and her son Tripp came 3 years later in 1992. He was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when Alana was just 8 weeks pregnant with him, while Jes was born a month after the gene was discovered and then she was diagnosed. They both required medication from birth to digest food and soon after more and more medications and therapies were added to keep them healthy. Tripp had his first collapsed  lung at just 3 years old and thus started the long battle with the disease. Jes remained pretty healthy, however Tripp constantly had lung infections and every one of them left him with less breathing capacity. They were both on 504 education plans due to the rigorous therapies they had to do twice a day. Jes' was able to follow her to  college so was able to have the extra time/support she needed to be successful, while Tripp finished high school from home due to hospital visits, oxygen dependency and his inability to keep up. He tried college but at that point a lung transplant was the only  thing that would help. He passed away from complications from the transplant at just 21 years old. Alana had to find the resources not only for now but the future as her daughter's disease continues to progress.




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